"I believe that the AgeVolt system, a smart, efficient and affordable charging system, is the way forward for the mass adoption of electromobility." 

Ján Zuštiak, Founder of AgeVolt Slovakia



We are implementing the "AgeVolt - charging platform for electric vehicles" project, which is co-financed by the European Union.



What we offer

AgeVolt is a provider of a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem, making EV charging convenient and accessible whilst achieving optimal energy distribution

AC Charging stations

Modular charging stations with with advanced intelligent functions for electric vehicle charging, compatible with Plug Type2.

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DC Charging stations

Partnership DC charging stations can be integrated with AgeVolt AC charging stations and the Smart System, making them an excellent solution for commercial use.

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Smart system

The unique system of Hardware and Software which together serve as a unique mechanism for charging management.

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Charging solutions

We offer efficient and innovative solutions for charging electric cars in households, companies, cities and towns.

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Digital platform

We are building a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem that will make EV charging convenient and accessible to everyone, quickly and in one place.

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We offer efficient, innovative and user-friendly solutions for charging electric cars at home, in public parkings, business car parks, and in cities and towns.

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Why choose AgeVolt

We look at electromobility further in the context of energy management of buildings, municipalities, and households. Thanks to Energy Management System we use energy from the free capacity of the electrical connection for EV charging. Charging performance is optimised according to the current consumption of the building
We acts responsibly. In business, society and towards the planet. Because being sustainable is, in fact, AgeVolt´s business model. For AgeVolt, electromobility is above and beyond speed statistics and charging capacities. Electromobility is the best and most ecological solution to specific problems of the planet and its inhabitants.
We are creating a digital ecosystem based on blockchain that connects drivers and charger owners and connects electric vehicle charging with loyalty and marketing systems. We want to support your primary business!

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e_mobility is the most natural mobility

Working with world-class partners

Do you want to know the return on investment of building a charging infrastructure?

Nabíjacia infraštruktúra je drahá, návratnosť investície je príliš dlhá, nabíjanie samotné sa stalo tiež oveľa drahším. Toto sú len niektoré z obáv a strachov, ktoré rezonujú v spoločnosti v súvislosti s prudkým nárastom cien energie, ktoré spôsobila kríza. Pre mnohé firmy sa elektrická energia stáva luxusom a prechod na elektromobilitu odsúvajú na bočnú koľaj.

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AgeVolt and Slovak Parcel Service announce cooperation in expanding the charging capabilities for couriers

We are very pleased to announce the partnership with Slovak Parcel Service (SPS), a leading courier company to build a network of charging stations for its fleet of electric vehicles in SPS delivery centres...

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Slovakia is not ready for the development of electromobility, the distribution network will collapse during the more extensive development of the charging infrastructure.

The general population is of the opinion that the electrical distribution network in Slovakia is not sufficient for the transition to electromobility. Even part of the professional public...

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