Dec 6, 2022

Beneficiary of NFP:

Name: AgeVolt Slovakia s.r.o.

Headquarters: Jarošova 1, 83103 Bratislava - Nové Mesto

ID: 46479848

Acting: Ing. Ján Zuštiak, manager



Project name: AgeVolt - charging platform for electric cars

Location of the project: Bratislava - Nové Mesto

Call - Call code: OPII-MH/DP/2021/12.1-33


Operational program: Integrated infrastructure

Co-financed by the fund: European Regional Development Fund

Priority axis: 12 Development of competitive SMEs in the Bratislava region

Investment priority: 3d) Support of SME capacity for growth in regional, national and international markets and involvement in innovation processes

Specific goal: 12.1 Increase in the share of profitable SMEs in the Bratislava Region

Aid scheme: State aid scheme to support projects awarded the Seal of Excellence


The goal of the project is to create a unique business model, focused on the exponentially growing electromobility market and thus support the development of electromobility by making available convenient charging with optimal distribution of electricity. The project will bring a breakthrough AgeVolt solution – a comprehensive digital charging ecosystem for electric cars. This consists of several integrated ecological products - smart charging stations for electric cars, an intelligent electric power management system and the AgeVolt Digital Platform, built on blockchain technology. The AgeVolt ecosystem makes electric car charging simple and accessible, facilitates dynamic balancing of electricity demand, and at the same time reduces the total cost of ownership of charging stations.


Project activities take place from 1.6.2021 to 31.5.2023 and include HW and SW development, activities related to entry into 10 markets, especially in neighboring countries and the EU, as well as intellectual property protection and project management. Project activities will take place in the Bratislava self-governing region. The project will contribute to the development of the innovative potential of the Slovak Republic and the EU, its penetration into foreign markets, as well as to support the fulfillment of the UN environmental goals to which the Slovak Republic has committed itself.


The Provider will provide the Recipient with NFP up to a maximum amount of EUR 1,758,750.00


Information on the Operational Program Integrated Infrastructure 2014-2020 can be found at