May 10, 2022


The most important thing we have missed so far in Slovakia to “kick“ electromobility was a good charging infrastructure. However, this has been changing since last year. Thanks to a unique system that solves to most common problems with charging electric cars and also brings opportunities for development for the participating cities and villages. 

charging solutions


Modern, trouble-free and ecological electrification with advantages

According to the website, fast-charging stations in Slovakia are available approximately every 60 km. As such, travelling in Slovakia by electric car should not be a problem. However, not every EV charger is seamless and the added benefits are often lacking…

Power outages, cabling overload, exceeded capacity…. Do you want to prevent these complications as well as contribute to the elimination of emissions and car accidents with the use of intelligence elements? With the unique AgeVolt system with global potential, you will be on the right track. This system makes transition from combustion engine to electric engine smoother, more efficient and full of benefits. There is no need to worry about exceeding reserved capacity and insufficient or missing monitoring and optimalisation.

You will also enjoy the financial and environmental aspects of the system. It is energy-sustainable, and presents a partial solution in the fight against the climate crisis as residues of energy from solar panels can be used to charge electric cars. And if you are an active member of the AgeVolt network, you can charge your car practically for free.


Electromobility as an opportunity to develop towns and villages

By “joining” the wave of electromobility, your municipality will not only become greener and less noisy, but it will allow for development of other services too. For example, take advantage of the recognition of priority cars, which allows the system to release higher performance. This can be used at shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and cultural centres for VIP guests, guests, managers, and esteemed people. Developers who plan to gradually add a wide network of charging stations to their buildings are also counting on the AgeVolt system in the foreseeable future.

The AgeVolt app will allow the users to find out which towns offer the possibility to connect to a network of publicly available EV chargers. While the car chargers, they can spend their time effectively by using your service. And you will “kill two birds with one stone“.


How does the AgeVolt charging station network work?

AgeVolt launched its own network of charging stations in Slovakia in 2021, with two basic types of charging stations available. Wallbox is available for households for private charging and Pillar for all outdoor and indoor, public or private parking lots

This robust charging infrastructure works on the principle of sharing private chargers. There is no need to solve a new connection, because one control system can serve up to 100 charging stations. The smart control system monitors the current consumption of the building and decides on the charging performance of the electric car in real time. Hence, the maximum available energy “flows“ into the car without the risk of something going wrong. All the necessary data is available via the smart app. Share this system with the public, profit from it, connect it with the accounts or attendance system and take advantage of all its benefits. 


While AgeVolt has much of its journey ahead of it, it has already received recognition from the European Commition in the form of the Seal of Excellence award, given to the most promising European innovative projects. The research, innovation and the development of new technologies is executed together with the professionals. This revolutionary solution in the field of electromobility has a great future ahead. Do not hesitate and join the AgeVolt network too.