Jul 21, 2020


Take a peek under the hood of the production of the intelligent charging system from Slovakia.


The benefits of the AgeVolt charging system are already being enjoyed by many owners across the country. In addition to Bratislava, chargers have been added or will soon be added in Myjava, Rimavská Sobota, Poprad, Spišská Nová Ves and Batizovce. We would now like to invite you into our "kitchen". Let's take a look at where we have moved in production over the last period and what we are planning. So a year ago we started with a plastic chassis (body), currently we are working with metal. It is customised for us in Šurany.

In Bratislava, holes are being milled into the small doors to accommodate the display and LED signalling.

Of all the benefits, new owners especially appreciate the fact that the chargers can communicate with the building, detect its current consumption and charge the electric car efficiently without the risk of overloading the network. How can it do that?

Thanks to the brain - the central control unit. To build it, we use hardware from our neighbours in the Czech Republic, which we supplement with other electronics and assemble the final product. The software, written by our Janko at his home in Bratislava's Ružinov, breathes life into it.

And this is what the finalization of the AgeVolt looks like in the post version.

The next milestone we are working on is a fibreglass version of the wallbox. This is what it will look like somehow.

Our big goal is to go into mass production soon, but for that we need the intervention of an investor. The price of the mould is at the level of tens of thousands of euros. So keep your fingers crossed for us.