Sep 8, 2020


Is electromobility really ecological? What will the importance of charging speed be? We are answering the crucial questions from the world of electric vehicles. 


Today (September 9) is the first World EV day. At the same time, a year has passed since AgeVolt got its name and started to establish itself on the market. Thus we are celebrating twice – the idea of electromobility and the giving birth to our approach to it. 

Is electromobility really ecological? 

The issue of electromobility ecology and “purity” is, to say at least, debatable. The opponents blame it for battery production and disposal as well as an extreme environmental burden in the countries where the electricity is produced by coal-fired power plants (e.g.Poland).  

Do not pretend the electromobility is only great and green because it is definitely not. But our point of view is more prosaic. In a few decades (the experts are still arguing about the duration) our Earth will run out of oil. Whether we like it or not, without any change, it will be a big crisis. We therefore see electromobility as a way. Yes, it is still in the diapers and not ideal, but passable. 

Can we handle massive charging?

Currently, people are especially interested in the speed at which their car is charged. So let’s imagine now that thousands of electric cars driving on our roads. If we were on the path of fast chargers and wanted to satisfy the demand of all owners of electric cars, we would probably be heading for collapse. Or we would need thousands of new electric poles, transformer stations and circuit breakers. And that’s exactly what we found the right recipe for.

We combine charging with energy management of buildings

Everything goes forward. Even the times when you were desperate to find a place in a cafe with a plug to recharge your laptop or phone are gone. Nowadays  it is possible to charge practically anywhere and in various ways. Gradually, it will be the same with electric cars. All parking spaces will be gradually equipped with chargers so that you can “recharge” while you go to the dentist or for shopping.

However, our charging system is smart. It will not allow the circuit breakers to be blown up if you charge your car while cooking and washing. It will not allow companies to pay outrageous fines for exceeding reserved capacity. Our system divides the performance beautifully. Reasonably and economically.

New system in Airbnb style

When looking for the right investor, we are often asked why we are going to the charging station market, when there are already so many of them in the world and they are very well established in many countries. The competition is too strong. Forget about it.

We reply that it is as if you told the founder of Airbnb, “Forget about the accommodation network. You see how many hotels and guesthouses there are already in the world.” Besides sustainable energy management, we also offer all our clients the opportunity to earn money. Not only by renting a parking space to charger operators. Buy the charger by yourself, place it on your parking lot or even run the cable in front of your house, connect to the network of public chargers and earn money. By yourself set the price and rules who, when and how much can charge. It’s so simple. Airbnb says, “Do you have a room available? Rent it! ”We say,“ Do you have an electrical connection? So what are you waiting for? ”