Aug 9, 2022


AgeVolt Slovakia, in collaboration with the Czech company Teco and the Technical and Economic University of Budapest, are working on the innovation of a control unit for electric car charging stations under DigiFed, the EU's Horizon 2020 programme to support science and research.

The mission of AgeVolt Slovakia is to bring together different components, suppliers, users and other players in the field of electromobility into an open ecosystem - the AgeVolt E-mobility Ecosystem, which will bring individualized added value to customers.

BRATISLAVA, 8 APRIL 2022 – At the end of last year, AgeVolt Slovakia and Teco entered into a joint project with the Technical and Economic University of Budapest, the output of which will be an innovative control unit of the charging station for electric cars. In particular, its new functionalities will enable:

  • individualised management of electricity consumption (EMS) according to the individual preferences of the electric car owner and, at the same time, the capabilities of the electricity grid;
  • charging station use by electric car owners with different charging needs or options such as speed, price or charging time slots

The project is based on our previous experience with EMS and charging stations, on our long-term cooperation with Teco, as well as on conversations with our customers,” said Jozef Ťapajna, Head of Product Development, AgeVolt Slovakia.

"The dynamic development of electromobility brings interesting opportunities for traditional control system manufacturers. Decades of development and knowledge of Teco production and an international presence in 70 markets are combined with the dynamism of the entire industry as well as the unique ideas of AgeVolt. Together, this takes us to a higher technological and business level.  Teco has been cooperating with universities for a long time and we know from experience that the cooperation with the Technical and Economic University of Budapest will also be beneficial," adds Petr Ovčáček, Sales Director of Teco.


Part of the AgeVolt E-mobility Ecosystem solution

The output of the project will be a prototype of an individualised control unit of a charging station for electric cars. The project consists in the upgrade of a universal charging station control unit produced by Teco, which is not equipped with HW or SW solutions for new functionalities.

The redesign of the control unit will consist in the preparation of an embedded, innovative control unit as one of the components of the AgeVolt E-mobility Ecosystem solution. This unit can then be implemented in both new and existing charging stations, not only from AgeVolt but also from other manufacturers.


Additional charging station functionalities

The control unit innovation will bring users, among other functionalities, the following:

  • the individual control of charging power for each electric car separately,
  • control and adjustment of charging input parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, reactive power components, which are qualitative indicators of the power grid, while the power control also based on these parameters significantly improves the safety of charging
  • real time connection of the control unit to the AgeVolt E-mobility Ecosystem solution and thus to the user's application and also to the Plug & Charge solution, which means plug and charge without additional tasks and the need for authentication, which will take place automatically
  • possibility to connect one and the same charging station to multiple charging platforms
  • the ability for the user sharing their charging station to set charging parameters such as price, power, time slots, priorities, as well as tracking statistics, reports and remote management
  • the possibility for the user to use his or her charging station as an element providing support for the entire power grid on the basis of individual charging management
  • upgrades to the device over the years, ensuring that it meets the ever-evolving standards for charging and communication with the electric car


The future users of these innovative charging stations are individual and business customers, self-governments and public administration and organisations established by them.

"This project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 innovation and research programme under grant agreement No 761708.”