Oct 24, 2022

The problem of building charging stations in Slovakia: myths versus how it really is 

Charging stations for electric cars and Slovakia. How do you see it? Do you think there is still a problem with their density, capacity, price? Let's look at the most common myths that still prevail. What is true about them? 

Photo source: Internal 


There are still few electric cars in Slovakia, we do not need to build charging stations 

A large and high-quality infrastructure of charging stations and a transparent price will support the development of electromobility. We also need a system that will solve the most common problems with charging electric cars and, in addition, will bring development opportunities for the cities and towns involved. At the beginning of 2022, according to the Mojelektromobil.sk portal, we had over 1,000 charging points in Slovakia, which makes the use of electric cars more accessible and convenient. 


Building charging stations is very expensive 

The opposite is true. Such a charging station for the public can be built for less than 1000 euros. Plus, no additional monthly fees. Save when buying a charging station for your home or business. Choose from discounted charging station packages. 


Building charging stations is too complicated 

That's not entirely true. Any electrician can handle it. The process itself will be simplified thanks to the Action Plan for the development of electromobility in Slovakia, which includes the obligation to automatically build infrastructure for charging electric cars when new parking spaces are built. 


There may be only a few chargers in a large parking lot 

We do not agree with this statement either. You can have as many as you want. Any designer can prepare a proposal to cover 100 percent of parking spaces. This also applies to single-family homes with a 25 A circuit breaker that can provide charging for up to 15 EVs. 

The energy-sustainable AgeVolt system, which has the ambition to become global, also undertook to solve the problem with charging stations in Slovakia. Thanks to it, the transition from internal combustion engines to electric ones can be smoother, more efficient and full of benefits. One control system tightens up to 300 AC charging stations, 50 DC charging stations and 100 Smart meters without worrying about going over the grid. With it, you don't have to worry about exceeding the reserved capacity, insufficient or missing monitoring and optimization. Not only will it help you save, but thanks to the principle of sharing private chargers and promoting your own business, it will also allow you to profit and earn. He also thinks about the environment. Residual energy from solar panels can be used to charge electric cars. Join the AgeVolt network too. Choose Wallbox or Pillar charging stations and enjoy various benefits.