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Choose a charging station
Wallbox One

Wallbox One is a compact charger with a robust construction that offers durability in both indoor and outdoor parking spaces.

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Pillar Edge

Pillar Edge is the ideal choice for all outdoor and indoor spaces, public and private parking lots.

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How to authorise charging

Wallbox One

Home Free - Without authorization

The charging station is accessible for free without the need for authorization

  • Connect the car to the charging station
  • Charging will start automatically
  • To stop charging, hold down the button on the charger for a longer time
  • Disconnect the car
RFID card or reader

You will see an RFID symbol on the charging station

  • Connect the car to the charging station
  • Place the RFID card or reader on the display in the place with the RFID symbol, thanks to which you will start charging
  • To finish charging, place the RFID card again on the display
  • Disconnect the car

* If you do not have an RFID card or reader, request one from the owner of the charging station or the building administrator.

AgeVolt Mobile application / portal

Find the QR code /NFC tag, on the charging station. The QR code/ NFC tag is located above the socket with the cable

  • Locate the charger by the QR code / NFC tag located above the socket or cable
  • Connect the car to the charging station
  • Start charging according to the instructions on the portal or in the mobile application
  • You can see information about the charging process on the portal or mobile application
  • Use the app / portal to finish charging
  • Disconnect the car

* In case of charging through the application or the portal, it is necessary to register at portal.agevolt.com or download the application - HERE

How do I know the charging station is working?
  • The charging station is ready
    The light flashes briefly - every 3 seconds
  • Car connected, waiting to start charging
    The light flashes quickly - every 1 second
  • The charging station charges
    Light is lighting
  • The charging station does not work
    The light off
  • The charging station is not available
    The light flashes quickly - every 0.5 seconds