AgeVolt NEXT as a gift from the President of the Slovak Republic to Pope Francis


17. September 2021

The original Slovak innovation – a new type of charging station for electric cars from the company AgeVolt was presented by the President of the Slovak Republic to Pope Francis during a personal meeting. It will go to the Vatican as one of the Slovak gifts.

The NEXT charging station for electric vehicles from the Slovak company AgeVolt, holder of the Seal of Excellence award, impressed the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic so much that it was chosen as one of the gifts that the President will present to Pope Francis on the occasion of his visit to the Slovak Republic.

The uniqueness of this new type of charger is enhanced by the fact that it is made from recycled materials. It is also the first piece of the new NEXT model, which is almost 40% smaller in volume and weighs just 4 kilograms. Pope Francis received it in an eco-friendly package, specially prepared for the occasion, which included a short speech and an emphasis on ecological aspects.

We appreciate the Holy Father’s interest in technological innovations with an ecological impact. Never in the past has there been such a strong appeal for environmental protection emanating from this highest post in Christendom as now. This becomes all the more crucial as it has been backed up by a concrete action – the ‘electric popemobile’ that Pope Francis will receive and start using in the near future,” said Ján Zuštiak, founder of AgeVolt.

The innovative charging system for electric vehicles from AgeVolt is exceptional in its comprehensive solution for all parking space owners. By measuring the building’s current consumption and regulating the charging power, they can use the existing electrical connection without worrying about overloading the network and having to increase the circuit breaker value or the reserved capacity.

Any parking lot owner, from business buildings to single-family homes, can charge their own EVs while offering the charging service to the public. Unlike the currently enforced policy of charging point operators, the operator of a charging station can set its own terms and conditions as well as the visual appearance of the charging station, and will not see an increase in monthly fees. Retail chains, hotels and shopping centres appreciate the possibility of linking charging with their loyalty programmes and marketing support.

Our donation is a comprehensive green product. Thanks to our partnerships with other Slovak innovative companies, the AgeVolt charging station is becoming a Slovak innovation that makes EV charging an eco-friendly public service. In addition to supporting the development of electromobility, both in Slovakia and worldwide, most of its materials do not burden the environment.

Many of the components used are made from recycled materials. Several functionalities of our electric car chargers help to balance electricity consumption during charging and beyond. They do not burden the country’s electricity system with excessive consumption, thus not requiring the construction of new electricity sources. In addition, the AgeVolt charging system can integrate onto the national grid stabilization service system and even allows for use with other types and brands of chargers. With its flexibility and controlled artificial intelligence, it actively contributes to reducing CO2 emissions,” adds Ján Zuštiak.

The charging station received by the Holy Father is, like all other products, guaranteed for lifetime upgrades. AgeVolt technicians are also ready to come to the Vatican to professionally install it, although the wiring instructions included in the gift are so simple that they are only one sheet of A4.

AgeVolt will begin shipping the NEXT model in the fourth quarter of 2021. AgeVolt has prepared a special opportunity for customers to receive a free NEXT charger. 

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