Charging electric cars can expect further innovation. Slovak based company is working on building a sharing ecosystem.


8. February 2021

The Slovak charging system AgeVolt entered the market at the beginning of 2020 and is already being pointed out as a possible new European player. From the initial idea of ​​building an intelligent charger point that can dynamically adjust EV charging according to the current consumption of the building, it has grown into a vision of creating a shared emobility ecosystem of the AgeVolt Digital Platform. The main goal is to build a large infrastructure where active EV users will be able to charge their vehicles for no-cost. Given the expected multi-million EURO investment, this vision should become a reality in the coming years.

Benefits to the Electric Vehicle charger owners

In addition to the charger itself, The AgeVolt charging system comes with an electricity meter and a central control unit, which can monitor the building’s consumption and adjust the charging power accordingly. The owners do not have to worry about exceeding the reserved capacity of the building or blowing the circuit fuse, and all of this is possible on the existing electrical connection.

However, an intelligent system can do much more. It can be connected to photovoltaics and the EVs can be charged from energy produced by the Sun. Thanks to available data, the owner has an overview of the energy consumption of the entire building. AgeVolt can be connected to an energy tariff management or occupancy management system, traders can use chargers for marketing purposes and link their commercial strategy (for example, “an hour of free charging for purchases over 50 euros!”, Etc.). They can even adjust charging prices and benefits for a selected group of customers.

Income from charging is now also a possibility for the households. Thanks to the AgeVolt Digital Platform, the household charger can now be shared with the general public to earn extra income when not in use. At the same time, the pricing policy always remains in the hands of its owner.

Benefits to the electric vehicle owners

After registering with the AgeVolt Digital Platform, the owner of an electric vehicle will receive clear statistics about the charging, battery, prices and consumption. They will be able to set desirable charging price and time. The app will do a comparison of available chargers, provide details and display latest news on electromobility. Once a critical mass of charging infrastructure is established, electric vehicle owners will be very pleased to be able to plan charging along the specified travel rote at the lowest price. In addition to the EV charging, other features are also in the planning – guarding and regenerating the battery, preheating in winter and various security features.

Ecosystem building

Sharing the chargers on a larger scale i.e. the creation of a peer-to-peer sharing (Airbnb) ecosystem is, according to AgeVolt founder Ján Zuštiak, the only sustainable way for electromobility adoption. “Our goal is to have at least 20% of the electric vehicles connected to the chargers we control at all times. In this instance, we will be able to work with energy connection, transformer station and energy cluster and generate a profit, which we can return to the charger owners as a benefit for being part of the network. When we add the benefits from the medium and large businesses on our network, it is really quite possible that many EV users will be able to charge their vehicles at no cost, “ says Ján Zuštiak, whose innovative project received a Seal of Excellence certificate from the European Commission and got into top 10 in other global startup competitions.
AgeVolt currently offers the first series of AC chargers with dynamic power control. In the first half of 2021, revolutionary DC (fast) chargers will also hit the market, which will be competitive in price and features to the ones currently available on the market. AgeVolt is cooperating with the National Battery Centre and the Slovak Academy of Sciences on the development of new emobility technologies. With the commencement of strategic partnerships with DXC Technology, ABB, Engie Services Slovakia, Teco and other companies, 2021 is going to an interesting and busy year.
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