Our range of EV chargers

What makes our chargers a great choice, benefits of our charging system and available range.


AgeVolt Digital Platform


Energy Management System

Available Range

Revolutionary smart charging

  • AgeVolt chargers are great choice thanks to an intelligent energy management system that monitors the current consumption of the building and regulate charging performance in real time.


  • Avoid the cabling overload, blowing fuses and exceeding the reserved capacity, conveniently on the existing electrical connection.

More chargers for less

  • If you just need 1 EV charger, the intelligent management system is integrated directly within the charger itself or with your switchboard.


  • If you need multiple chargers for a single car park, one AgeVolt intelligent management system is enough to connect up to 100 charging points. Any subsequent chargers purchased from us come at significantly lower prices as they do not need the management system. Therefore, ordering the entire charging system from us delivers a great financial benefit.


our own network

  • You can connect all our chargers to the AgeVolt Digital Platform network and benefit from sharing with the other EV users.
  • You set the pricing policy yourself.
  • EV users have clear overview of their charging, prices and consumption.
  • AVDP is under constant development to release features and benefits for our users.


the brain, and not only for our EV chargers

  • This unique Energy Management System for measuring building consumption and managing chargers is compatible with other charger makes.
  • We are implementing AgeVolt’s intelligent energy management system for car parks, where multiple chargers are already installed, but the building owners are not able to manage the constant exceeding of the reserved capacity.
  • AgeVolt is an ideal alternative for premises where it is necessary to increase the number of charging points without increasing the number of electrical connections.
  • Our intelligent AgeVolt system helps developers, who are planning to gradually add a wide network of charging stations to their buildings. Instead of investing in extensive electrical connections they simply include AgeVolt’s Energy Management System in the project.

Available range of AC charging points

BASIC Wallbox

  • simple compact design
  • economy version
  • suitable for private charging at home
  • the control system is installed in the switchboard of the building

Wallbox NEXT

  • wall installation
  • fiberglass body
  • customized design

EDGE Pillar

  • floor mounted pillar unit
  • metal body
  • suitable for public or private parking lots

Customised solutions

We bring innovations and customised solutions to our customers. With AgeVolt system you are able to

  • set performance prioritisation for VIP users,
  • connect charging with the finance, building occupancy or car parking system,
  • include charging in your business strategies, and provide offers for your own business (for example, when charging over a certain amount, allow charging for free, etc.),
  • promote your business or events,
  • charge from photovoltaics (if using solar panels),
  • add other accessories to the EV chargers, such as a compressor or a charging socket for e-bikes,
  • add your own branding

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