We are AgeVolt. Thank you 2020.


31. December 2020

We did it! 2020 is behind us.

Despite everything, the year 2020 was quite busy for us in every aspect.

At the end of 2019, we came up with the idea of ​​looking at electromobility differently – innovative, smart and affordable. Our main objective for 2020 was to demonstrate that revolutionary shared charging of Electric Vehicles with an Energy Management System is the most sustainable way forward. And it worked!

Our project proposal received a Seal of Excellence Award from the European Commission and we made it to the TOP 10 in some prestigious competitions for start-ups in Europe.

We went through an intense period of product development, launch of sales and installation of the first chargers, discussions with potential investors and all this through some significant personal changes in our families – about half of our team had a baby born this year.

In short, 2020 was not the easiest of start for us. We jumped into the water and had to learn to swim quickly. We are now on the threshold of an agreement for a large investment and have a challenging task ahead of us – to realise our vision!

But before that, we want to look back, reflect on our accomplishments and say, thank you.

Many thanks to all those who believed in the project and joined our team. We also like to say thank you to all our partners and clients for helping us grow. Our sincere gratitude also to all the mentors and event organizers for innovative companies for their valuable advice, guidance and the opportunity to improve.

Thanks to everyone who makes AgeVolt, AgeVolt!

Thank you for being part of our amazing 2020 journey:


The first charger installed for ENGIE Services in Bratislava


Launch of energy management system (EMS) and charging stations controller


Expanding the team – marketing, business development and project management  


EV charger and EMS sales commenced


Discussions with potential investors commenced


Awarded “Seal of Excellence Cerifitcate” from the European Commission


Installation of 20 charging stations


Project proposal for 100+ stations for developers and other clients


Project commenced to implement EMS into ABB chargers


TOP 10 finalists at the Reflect Impact Awards 2020, TOP 12 finalists at the Challenger Accelerator 2020


TOP 9 finalists at FTRNW 2020; Won 2nd place at V4VentureDrill pitching competition; Won 2nd Climate Day Slovakia pitching competition


Collaboration with DXC Technology on AgeVolt Digital Solution and Digital Currency

All the best for 2021! With your support, we can achieve the impossible!

The AgeVolt team

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