May 3, 2022


Are you hesitant to buy an electric car because you feel that Slovakia is not equipped with them? Don't worry, it's already changed. Also charging of electric vehicles.

Slowly forward…

Relatively few electric cars and hybrid cars still move along Slovak roads. Around two thousand (according to RTVS information from early 2022). This can be changed by the economy department, which plans to expand the number of charging stations for several million euros by 2026. However, individual municipalities are already active. With the provision of complex services for charging electric vehicles. Large companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals are also looking for ways to protect the environment. And that's the choice of car. Electric fleets are set up not only in the government and in the police. Gradually, courier companies pass on to them. 
There are a number of advantages to this. Electric cars are less maintenance-intensive and have fewer components. They also cause less noise. It saves on fuel consumption and service. The charging time is gradually reduced to just over half an hour, and the battery life itself moves higher, towards 400-500 kilometers. And since the price of oil will continue to rise and the demands of the environment cannot be ignored indefinitely either, the classic combustion engine is likely to ring out in a few years' time...


Electromobility future in Slovakia

Did you know that thanks to the comprehensive AgeVolt turnkey solution, it is possible to develop other services of a given city or municipality using the charging station system in Slovakia, to share it further, to profit from it? You don't even have to rebuild anything. You're going to use what you already have. And you can connect to the AgeVolt charging system via an existing connection. 
This network will offer you much more than just the necessary recharge of an electric car. Synchronization with internal systems, prioritization, benefits... AgeVolt has the ambition to streamline, simplify and improve the transition of companies from internal combustion engines to electric engines. In the near future, developers are counting on it in Slovakia. They plan to gradually add a wide network of charging stations to their buildings. 


How does AgeVolt work?

AgeVolt operates from 2021 on the principle of sharing private chargers. It is an energy-sustainable system. It manages up to 100 charging points. It connects the charging of electric vehicles with the energy management of the building. Thus, it monitors the current consumption of the building and thus knows the maximum load of cabling. On this basis, it is able to decide on the appropriate charging performance. The system even recognizes the priority car and release higher performance for them. 
Using the AgeVolt app, electric car owners can see which locations offer the ability to connect to a network of publicly available chargers. In addition, they also have all the necessary data and insights at their disposal, they can rely on advanced intelligent features.


AgeVolt charging station types

You have two basic options to choose from. Both have advanced intelligent features, intuitive service software that is compatible with AgeVolt app. The first is a Wallbox suitable for private charging at home. The second is Pillar for all outdoor and indoor, public or private car parks. Option number two is suitable for individuals or companies who need to have two cars charged at the same time. However, both can still be supplemented by your special requirements.


Main advantages of AgeVolt

●    no more range problems,
●    no more problems with cabling overload, outages, overcapacity,
●    you get modular charging stations according to your requirements,
●    you have the possibility of prioritizing and releasing higher performance for VIP cars,
●    a shared system allows you to profit, whether you are an entrepreneur or a private,
●    no additional charges for managing the charging station on a monthly basis,
●    as active members of the network, you get the opportunity to charge your electric car practically free of charge,
●    you have access to the smart app with clear data.


Ecological benefits of Agevolt system for Slovakia

●    energy-sustainable system,
●    climate crisis part solution,
●    less noise in municipalities and towns,
●    you can use photovoltaic energy residues to charging of electric vehicles,
●    no need of building a new electricity distribution network,
●    one control system manages up to 100 recharging points.


Don't you want to be late in transport-business field? So participate in a revolutionary solution that is changing the future of electromobility as early as this year. Join the AgeVolt network, which has won the Seal of Excellence award from the European Commission for Europe's most promising innovative projects. Drive more conveniently, greener, smarter.