Solutions for the segment

Residential development

Help your customers and partners make the transition to electromobility and support your primary business. Add a charger to every parking space, increase the value of properties sold and attract more buyers. Offer the option of renting parking spaces for charging at times when owners are not using them for their own charging.

e_mobility does not have to be an obligation. Make it your benefit.

Benefits of cooperation:
  • unlimited number of AC and DC chargers without the need to increase the reserved capacity or build a new connection
  • a sustainable electromobility model
  • positive PR in the market
  • scalability of solutions locally, nationally and internationally
  • industrial quality
  • professional designing
  • availability of products and spare parts
  • in-house development and production
  • Slovak scale-up

Offer charging options to the general public, customers and partners

Charging in private parking spaces outdoors, also in the underground
  • slow (AC) charging for energy costs - to clients / parking space owners
  • slow (AC) charging for potential profit - to neighbours, tenants and visitors
Charging in public parking spaces
  • slow (AC) charging for a fee
  • fast (DC) charging for a fee

Proposed implementation procedure

Phase 1

Development of a project for the entire building, namely for residential chargin, public charing, charging of clients and partners of commercial establishments in the building/project
This phase is recommended to commerce at least 10 months prior to occupancy date and includes:
  • price for study and design of charging infrastructure with integration into Building Management System (BMS) and Measurement And Regulation (MAR)
  • Price for creating a custom brand of charging stations according to the developer
Price up to € 10000 without VAT * in case if implementation of all phases with AgeVolt Slovakia, we will provide the project in the price of the whole solution

Phase 2

Elaboration of marketing communication for future owners of apartments and non-residential spaces or tenants with a fixed price for the charging station.
A subsequent offer as an above standart to the client.
for example:
Object: 100 parking spaces
Estimated sales of charging stations: 80%
Starting price for the future owner: € 1500
Price for the owner after final building approval: € 2500
Sales before approval: 80 x 1500 = € 120000
Cost of 100% pre-preparation: € 50000
Cost of 80 chargers: € 56000

The developer's profit of € 14000, which can be used for building public chargers.

Phase 3

Pre-development and installation of charging stations - construction of public charging stations in the brand of the development company or residential project.

Phase 4

After building approval - handling over and training the owners in the use of charging, settlement of the price for energy one a month, if charging is part of a common local distribution system.
Offer of charging stations for residents who did not build one before approval.
Possibility of expanding public charging stations.

Do you want to e_volve your business with us?

Let us know what are your plans and requirements. We need as many details as possible. Where, when, how many charging stations, anything that may help us to prepare a solution that will fit your needs.

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