Business solution

Easy-to-use charging solution for your business

We offer easy-to-use charging solutions that make EV driving enjoyable and user-friendly.

Thanks to the universal compatibility of our products and their wide range of smart features, our charging stations deliver a seamless charging experience for private, B2B, and public use cases.

Whether you're an employer, retailer, or fleet manager, discover everything you need to know about EV charging stations for your business.

Why choose AgeVolt?

Charging solutions for your business

We work with you to find the right model for your business.

  • the AgeVolt charging system connects the charging of electric vehicles with the building‘s energy management – it monitors the current consumption of the building and optimally decides on the charging per- formance, without fear of circuit breakers failure or exceeding the reserved capacity
  • support your primary business by sharing promotional offers for your goods and services. Encourage visitors to spend more time in your shop or gain more customers and attract them to buy your goods or service
  • thanks to our loyalty management you can offer your customers discounts on charging under certain conditions. Do you want to offer free charging during the weekend for all customers who purchase over € 50? No problem!
  • keep your employees and customers happy by offering them possibility of charging their electric vehicle. EV drivers are starting to choose where they shop, work, and live based on the availability of charging stations. Keep your EV-driving customers and employees happy by offering this essential amenity
  • demonstrate your commitment to a sustainable future by adding EV chargers

We work with you to find the right model for your business

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Digital platform

We bring a smooth and user-friendly e_life.

We are creating a digital ecosystem based on blockchain that connects drivers and charger owners and connects electric vehicle charging with loyalty and marketing systems. We want to support your primary business! Thanks to the loyalty program, you can offer your customers charging for a reduced amount, if they use your services! The goal of the platform is to bring you, in addition to simple and fast charging, many benefits that you will be able to reap after signing up.

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Charging stations

Revolutionary smart charging for everyday life.

AgeVolt charging stations with advanced intelligent functions are great choice for easy EV charging. Thanks to the modularity of chargers, you can assemble them according to your preferences. Chargers with intelligent energy management system monitor the current consumption of the building and regulate charging performance in real time. We are working on building massive charging infrastructure in Slovakia and in the world on the principle of sharing private chargers. Earning on charging is not just for big players. We want e-mobility to be a part of everyday life. 

Smart System

e_nnovative charging system for electric cars

We are bringing an energy-sustainable electric car charging system that does not require the construction of a new electricity distribution network. We can work efficiently with energy. Thanks to the Smart System in our chargers, we can optimize charging based on the current consumption of the household or building. With the AgeVolt charging system, you don't have to worry about circuit breakers tripping at home or exceeding the reserved capacity in the building. You can connect charging stations to photovoltaics and charge your vehicles using only solar energy.