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We offer efficient, innovative and user-friendly solutions for charging electric cars at home, in public parkings, business car parks, and in cities and towns.

Advantages for
Charge point owners
  • Manage charging according to your wishes and in one place.
  • The owner of the charging station determines who has charging speed priority, who can use charging at what time and at what price and conditions.
  • Possibility to connect charging with the accounting, parking, or marketing system, as well as the fleet management system.
  • Everyone, be it a family home, company, hotel, shop, developer, city, supermarket, can easily transform all parking spaces and increase their added value or use them when the owner of the charging station does not need them.
  • Thanks to the AgeVolt Care service, you can extend the warranty up to 10 years, or add additional services, thanks to which we will solve all the problems for you.
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Advantages for
Parking lot owners
  • AgeVolt brings you efficient charging infrastructure design, which can include project, delivery, initial installation, and subsequent service and management. In addition, we provide local management for the owner, which is intuitive, without the necessary monthly fees and without the need to connect to a cloud backend.
  • Use parking spaces and offer a simple charging option under your own brand.
  • At AgeVolt, we will design a charging solution for you that includes the interconnection and efficient management of new AC and DC charging stations, as well as your existing charging stations.
  • The possibility for each location to build a charging station on each parking space and, thanks to our autonomous Energy Management System, without the need to increase the electrical connection of the building or internal existing cabling.
  • Thanks to the Smart System and the Energy Management function, we can cover 100 % of parking spaces with charging stations, without worrying about overloading the reserved capacity or the circuit breaker value.
  • Charge your own cars, the cars of your employees, residents, clients, customers, tourists, citizens, or allow charging to anyone who just passes by your parking lot. Offer charging as a benefit and thus strengthen your primary business.
  • Do not divide charging into private and public, always use chargers to the maximum and shorten the return on investment for construction and operation.
  • Stay in touch with your customers through the loyalty charging program and attract the attention of people from the neighbourhood who did not know about your business thanks to the possibility of charging at night in your parking lots.
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Advantages for
EV owners
  • Charge at home or at work via the AgeVolt App, which keeps everything under control.
  • If you are a company with a fleet of vehicles, thanks to the web portal and application, you can charge your fleet vehicles at night at the branch, or you can provide employees with a charger at home.
  • With the AgeVolt Digital Ecosystem, you have complete billing, energy, and cost management under your control.
  • Charge your vehicle only from surplus photovoltaics or at a time of low tariff.
  • The ability to pause charging at 80 % and resume charging in the morning will protect the life of your battery.
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Advantages for
  • Thanks to efficient work with energy, you don't have to worry about network overload due to charging.
  • Free public charging in cities and towns can attract tourists and thus support tourism in the area.
  • Simple connection of charging with photovoltaics makes it possible to charge an electric car even more ecologically and with lower costs.
  • AgeVolt Digital Ecosystem will bring you information about your carbon footprint, which you can reduce by supporting green projects directly through our platform.
  • Owners of non-profit organizations will be able to present green projects and collect money for their implementation.
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Charging stations

Revolutionary smart charging for everyday life.

AgeVolt charging stations with advanced intelligent functions are great choice for easy EV charging. Thanks to the modularity of chargers, you can assemble them according to your preferences. Chargers with intelligent energy management system monitor the current consumption of the building and regulate charging performance in real time. We are working on building massive charging infrastructure in Slovakia and in the world on the principle of sharing private chargers. Earning on charging is not just for big players. We want e-mobility to be a part of everyday life. 

Smart System

e_nnovative charging system for electric cars

We are bringing an energy-sustainable electric car charging system that does not require the construction of a new electricity distribution network. We can work efficiently with energy. Thanks to the Smart System in our chargers, we can optimize charging based on the current consumption of the household or building. With the AgeVolt charging system, you don't have to worry about circuit breakers tripping at home or exceeding the reserved capacity in the building. You can connect charging stations to photovoltaics and charge your vehicles using only solar energy.

Do you want to e_volve your business with us?

Let us know what are your plans and requirements. We need as many details as possible. Where, when, how many charging stations, anything that may help us to prepare a solution that will fit your needs.

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