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Our story

AgeVolt was established in 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia. The founder and the creator of the charging system, Ján Zuštiak, has been working with the issue of building energy management for some time and particularly to make energy consumption more efficient for organisations, whose main concerns was the rapid growth of electromobility. They were ready to build charging points in their car parks; however, they were struggling to estimate long term occupancy, anticipated electricity consumption and to determine the reserved capacity needed. The solution Jan came up with was a charging system that connects the EV chargers to the main energy management of the building which can optimize charging in real time according to the current capacity.

And this was the beginning of AgeVolt. Today it is a comprehensive charging system that:

  • you can share with the public
  • provides an overview of the consumption of the entire building
  • can be connected to the finance or occupancy management system
  • can be used for marketing purposes
  • you can include in business strategies
  • you can connect to photovoltaics
  • and much more…

Our mission

We provide a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem for open collaboration and contribute towards UN SDG goals of energy efficiency and climate action.

History and successes

Year 2022
We presented to potential investors and partners our innovative charging solutions during the Start up Competition organized by MIT EF Saudi Arabia.
We participated in a business mission in India and participated in the EU-India Innocentre Program.
Our team has grown to 46 employees and contractors.
We introduced our Brand Refresh, which is associated with new ideas and expanding our business strategy.
We started using 100% biodegradable compostable material from bioplastic - NonOilen for the packaging of our charging stations.

Our AgeVolt team has grown to 60 members.
We became a partner of KIA Slovakia for home charging solutions.
As a general partner, we presented our solutions at the Facility Management Days 2022.
We received an investment from CB ESPRI Impact One for the certification program of overall sustainability of charging stations - AgeVolt Sustainable Program. As part of this program, by the end of 2022, we have cleared planting sites and planted almost 800 new trees in the High Tatras.
We have partnered with the Kenya National Fire Brigades Association (KENFIBA) in our development aid project "AgeVolt Solution for Electromobility in Kenya"

We became a partner of the leading courier company Slovak Parcel Service in building a network of charging stations for the SPS fleet.

We launched our new product for charging 2 electric cars mounted on the wall - the Wallbox Double charging station.
Year 2021
Start of cooperation with the National Battery Center and the Slovak Academy of Sciences for the development of new technologies.
Ongoing discussions with for hundreds of charging points for developers, retail and courier companies.
We have secured a €1.2 million investment from a consortium of InoBat and IPM Group together with the Slovak investment fund Venture to Future Fund.
AgeVolt grew to over 30 employees and colleagues.
Our unique charging station was received by Pope Francis from the President of the Slovak Republic.
Participation, presentation, and exhibit at Expo 2020 in Dubai.
We commissioned the first units of the new, more modern, and compact NEXT charging station.
Year 2020
The first charger installed for ENGIE Services in Bratislava.
Awarded “Seal of Excellence” by the European Commission.
20+ charging points installed.
Team expansion and successes in international startup competitions:
  • TOP 10 at Reflect Impact Awards 2020,
  • TOP 12 at Challenger Accelerator 2020,
  • TOP 9 at FTRNW 2020,
  • 2nd place at V4VentureDrill,
  • 2nd place and 15,000€ reward at Climate Day Slovakia
Collaboration with DXC Technology on AgeVolt Digital Solutions and Digital Currency and start of AgeVolt Digital Platform.
Year 2019
AgeVolt brand was established. New team members joined.
AgeVolt was introduced at the international construction trade show For Arch in Prague

Near future...

  • After AC charging stations, we are planning to build revolutionary DC chargers, that will compete with the current market offer of AC chargers in terms of price and dimensions.
  • We plan to gradually expand our operations to other countries of Europe and the world.
  • We will mainly focus on the expansion of the network of shared charging points on AgeVolt’s Digital Platform, which will be attractive to all members by offering considerable benefits.

AgeVolt doesn’t promise a better future

AgeVolt promises a better present

How Does it Work?

Charging with AgeVolt

TouchIT takes a closer look at how our intelligent charging works with the building’s current consumption.

Digital platform

We bring a smooth and user-friendly e_life.

We are creating a digital ecosystem based on blockchain that connects drivers and charger owners and connects electric vehicle charging with loyalty and marketing systems. We want to support your primary business! Thanks to the loyalty program, you can offer your customers charging for a reduced amount, if they use your services! The goal of the platform is to bring you, in addition to simple and fast charging, many benefits that you will be able to reap after signing up.

Certificates and awards

ISO 45001:2018

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ISO 14001:2015

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ISO 9001:2015

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Seal of Excellence

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