Smart System

The unique system of charge point management and measurement of building consumption

The unique system of charge point management and measurement of building consumption. Smart System consists of Hardware and Software which together serve as a unique mechanism for charging management. 

How does the Smart System work?

The Smart System is a local central unit that provides functions for managing the charging infrastructure with local user management, advanced energy management, simple reporting and much more. Smart System is the best option for those who want to be independent from cloud solutions and have under control the management of the charging infrastructure. 

Thanks to the Smart System, you can have up to 240 AC charging stations or 60 DC charging stations or a combination of them, as well as at least 16 Smart Meters connected to one central unit. Moreover, all this without worrying about overloading the electrical network and with the advantage of simple management of charging points, management of charging power, and reporting of consumed energy. 

Advantages of the Smart System

Thanks to the information from Smart System, customer has an overview of charging in one place. The owner can easily turn on and off the charging, view the current consumption, charging status or the used tariff. At the same time, the owner has graphs about the electricity flow at the current time, as well as an overview of the consumed electricity for a certain period. In this way, the owner of the charging station can quickly and easily check who is currently using the charging station.

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Available Smart System products

Energy Management System

EMS enables the dynamic management of the charging performance of individual charging points, so that the reserved capacity of the building is not exceeded or the circuit breaker is  not overloaded. It graphically displays the current building's consumption as well as the charging performance. To improve the functionality, it is advisable to have a Smart Meter purchased. It is also possible to integrate charging power management with intelligent building management via the Modbus TCP protocol.

Smart system modules

Charging Management

It allows you to easily manage charging using a local interface directly in the charger. The owner of the charging station can easily set up the charging station, such as name, phases, maximum power, authentication method and so on. At the same time, it provides information about charging, average power and duration of charging, as well as information about completed transactions.

Smart system modules

User Management

The charging station owner can easily add local charging users. At the same time, it allows the owner of the charging station to add RFID cards to individual users or assign their attendance cards to charging. In addition, the system offers setting of allowed charging times, charging prices and exporting charging reports for a certain period for individual users.

Smart system modules

Connecting charging with local sources of electricity

 The charging station can be connected, for example, to photovoltaics or battery storage, thanks to which the vehicle can preferentially use electricity produced from local sources when charging. In this way, the energy owner can charge the electric car practically for free and with zero emissions.

Smart system modules

Parking System Integration

Charging stations with the Smart System can be integrated with the parking system in the building. Thanks to this, the amount for charging can be included in the price of parking. The owner of the electric car can quickly and easily pay for charging when leaving the parking lot, either through the AgeVolt application or through the internal system of the parking provider. The Smart System can communicate with the parking system using the license plate entered in the application, thanks to which the user does not have to look for parking machines, but has everything in one place.

Smart system modules


The Smart System enables the connection of the charging station with the AgeVolt Digital Platform on the cloud, thanks to which the owner of the charging station can have all the information even easier and more accessible in the application. Cloud applications for charging station management can also be expanded with additional functionalities that make AgeVolt charging even more user-friendly.

Charging solutions

Simplify, streamline and optimize the charging of electric cars. 

We offer efficient, innovative and user-friendly solutions for EV charging at home, in public parking lots, in commercial parking lots and in cities and towns. We bring innovations and customized solutions to our customers. Connect charging with the building's attendance, accounting or parking system or include charging in your business strategies and support your primary business, for example by charging for free or prioritizing VIP users. AgeVolt is an ideal alternative for places where it is necessary to increase the number of charging points without increasing the electrical connection. 

Charging stations

Revolutionary smart charging for e_veryday life.

AgeVolt charging stations with advanced intelligent functions are great choice for easy EV charging. Thanks to the modularity of chargers, you can assemble them according to your preferences. Chargers with intelligent energy management system monitor the current consumption of the building and regulate charging performance in real time. We are working on building massive charging infrastructure in Slovakia and in the world on the principle of sharing private chargers. Earning on charging is not just for big players. We want e-mobility to be a part of everyday life. 

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