Wallbox One

AC 1x22kW

Charging station with advanced intelligent functions for EV charging.

  • charging station compatible with Plug Type2
  • designed for both outdoor and indoor use
  • possibility of several color variants
  • possibility to customise the charging station according to your own preferences



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What makes Wallbox One special?
Using of excess energy

Option to use only excess energy from solar panels for charging.

No additional costs

No increase in fixed monthly costs for the electrical connection.

Intelligent charging system

An intelligent charging system that monitors the current consumption of the building and decides on charging power in real time.

Durable construction

Steel construction with a durable surface finish guarantees protection against adverse weather conditions.

Power consumption optimization

Utilisation of free capacity of the electrical connection and charging optimisation according to the current consumption of the building.

Connection with photovoltaics

Option to connect the charging station with existing photovoltaics and charge using solar.

No network congestion

Charging without worrying about network congestion.

AgeVolt Digital platform

Easy and convenient charging through AgeVolt mobile application.

Key features
  • intuitive operating software
  • option of using energy from photovoltaic panels
  • local off-line operation without the need for cloud connection
  • intelligent dynamic charging performance management
  • prevents exceeding the circuit breaker load and the reserved capacity of the building
  • option wired or wireless internet connection
  • public sharing via AgeVolt Digital Platform
  • option to have customised branding

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Right charging solution for You!

We offer efficient, innovative and user-friendly solutions for charging electric cars at home, in public parkings, business car parks, and in cities and towns.

Charging solutions

Simplify, streamline and optimize the charging of electric cars. 

We offer efficient, innovative and user-friendly solutions for EV charging at home, in public parking lots, in commercial parking lots and in cities and towns. We bring innovations and customized solutions to our customers. Connect charging with the building's attendance, accounting or parking system or include charging in your business strategies and support your primary business, for example by charging for free or prioritizing VIP users. AgeVolt is an ideal alternative for places where it is necessary to increase the number of charging points without increasing the electrical connection.