About AgeVolt project

AgeVolt was founded in 2019. AgeVolt is aimed at a part of the market, which mainly consists of project business and aims to bring quality and simple product perspective to this area.

AgeVolt’s product portfolio currently consists of the charging station hardware and software for AC-22kW electric cars and an energy management system up to 2500A. They are intended for the implementation of complex charging systems for the end customer as well as for the self-government or business sector. The advantage is intelligent performance management based on the current available capacity of the building, which means the owner is not forced to invest in increasing the connection, increasing the reserved capacity or licenses for the use of smart charging systems.

AgeVolt is a manufacturer, not only an integrator of charging stations of another brand. The charging station and its control are built on industrial OEM components

Currently, in AgeVolt we are working on expanding our product portfolio with further charging stations (built-in charger into a lamp, light, ceiling, earth box, etc.), developing our own DC charging stations, battery solution 30-120kW to cover short-term high consumption of buildings and the development of a cloud portal for user management, remote and bulk management, charging processing and performance management based on global grid requirements.


Few words from our founder Ján Zuštiak

“I believe the AgeVolt system will help society to banish the fear of electromobility and we’ll show the world that with the convenient charging system, the electromobility is not the wrong way.”


Our mission

We want to expand the electromobility with a smart and effective solution for all parties. Companies, as well as private persons may install our chargers for their electric connections without increasing their monthly costs and may share with the public at the price they have chosen. A massive expansion of a shared electromobility like this will also suppress fears of buying an e-vehicles because the charging will be possible everywhere without any electrical network collapse.