This graphic demonstrates the benefits of AgeVolt System for businesses

Guarding the reserved capacity

Overload protection

Vehicle prioritization

  • The reserved capacity of this building is 600 kW and currently consumes 400 kW.
  • The building has 2 parking lots with 8 parking spaces each. All are equipped with AgeVolt chargers.
  • The cabling leading to the car park has its limitations – in order not to damage it, we can load it to a maximum of 132 kW.
  • 11 electric cars come to the car parks and start charging.
  • The energy management of the AgeVolt system in this example, consists of 3 electricity meters and a control unit (highlighted in the yellow blocks). This system measures the current consumption of the building, the maximum load of the cabling and dynamically distributes the charging power among all the cars whilst protecting the building.
  • The system can also recognize which car to give priority to and release higher charging performance (for example: VIP customers, important guests, managers, etc.)
  • How Does it Work? [VIDEO]

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