This graphic demonstrates the benefits of AgeVolt system for the households.

Integration with photovoltaics

Earn income from chargers sharing

Protection of circuit breakers against tripping

  • This house has 2 sources of electricity
    • “green” from its own solar panels.
    • from the mains.
  • The house owner has the ability to use the charger in 2 ways
    • in the garage for private use
    • To share it with the public by connecting to a network of public chargers with an added benefit of earning income.
  • AgeVolt’s energy management system in this example, consists of 2 electricity meters (one measures the production of electricity from photovoltaics and the other the consumption of electricity from the grid) and a control unit.
  • The owner can choose at any time the most suitable charging mode:
    • charge for free – use only electricity from excess photovoltaics to charge
    • charge fast – use the maximum possible available power for charging.
  • In addition to the selected mode, the AgeVolt system also takes into account the current consumption of the house, knows the value of the circuit breaker and protects it from tripping.
  • AgeVolt system offers the ideal charging mode according to the owner’s preferences at any time.
  • How Does it Work? [VIDEO]

Residential Enquiry

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