An effective home solution

No risk of tripping the circuit-breaker

The AgeVolt charging system consists of the charger, the metering system, and the control system. The energy meter measures the actual load of the circuit-breaker and the control unit decides what is the maximum power to be let into your car. It means if your home is very busy because of the washing machine running, cooking, baking and drilling something and all at the same time, you don´t have to worry that if your car is being charged, it will eject the circuit -breakers.

Monitoring of a house consumption

You can see not only actual charging performance, consumed electricity, but also a total and actual house consumption in a clear user interface. Therefore, you can watch whether you consume more electricity on Monday or Wednesday or something is uselessly consuming the energy when you are not at home, we mean, you will have also an effective tool for energy management with AgeVolt.

If you have solar panels, you can charge for free

Besides actual home consumption, the Agevolt system also monitors energy production by solar panels. In Eco mode, your car will be charged only from surplus energy generated by photovoltaics.

A charger that makes a profit

If you choose a double-charger, one can be placed in your garage as „home“ and the second can be placed outside your house as „public“. After registration into a public charger network, the public can use it. The payment for charging is performed by an app thus the charger makes a profit e.g. while you are at work.

Save money by double-tariff

The households with double-tariff electricity metering can set charging only at a low tariff.

Save on design

If you plan to have the charger only in your garage, there is no need to pay for a pillar or wallbox design. We have also a LITE solution that can be built into your switchboard.