This graphic demonstrates the benefits of AgeVolt system for municipalities

Protection of circuit breakers against tripping

Categorization of users and payment methods

Turnkey project solution

  • Village has in front of the municipal office and also the village hall one of AgeVolt’s double charger (each with a maximum power of 2x22kW)
  • It is a Saturday night, the municipal office consumes almost no electricity, but there is an event happening in the village hall and a band is playing.

  • Several types of vehicles are being charged:
    • The municipal office car, which does not pay for charging directly – the municipality will pay the costs in the invoice for electricity eventually.
    • A visitor to the municipality office who has connected to the public network of chargers and pays through the mobile App.
    • A VIP visitor who needs the vehicle to be recharged faster and received a discounted card from the municipality.
  • The AgeVolt system recognizes all charging participants, their priorities but also knows the maximum value of the circuit breaker of each building. Therefore, it distributes the EV charging power evenly so that each car gets what is needed and at the same time the circuit breakers does not trip.
  • How Does it Work? [VIDEO]

Commercial Enquiry

Please provide detailed information about your project. (Where do you plan to build charging stations? How many charging stations do you need? What type of building is there? When do you plan to install chargers, etc.)