Dec 6, 2022

Shopping can be e_lectrifying experience for your visitors 

The number of electric vehicles is expected to increase in the upcoming years. The need of sufficient charging infrastructure is thus higher. Building charging stations for electric cars in a unique way for merchants to attract customers. When EV drivers head to the store to stock up for the week, they want to be able to charge their vehicles while shipping. 


EV charging during shopping time is very convenient. For this very reason, the location of the charging station has a positive effect on the store itself. The need to charge can increase shoppers' time in the store and attract new customers. 


Charging increases shopping time and expenses   

Shoppers who use EV charging tend to stay in the store up to twice as long. So, if a customer would normally spend 30 minutes in your store, you can easily expect them to stay around an hour. Naturally, this time will be spent shopping or using the restaurant facilities. Which means higher income for you. 


Charging builds brand loyalty 

If your business includes charging stations for electric vehicles, you can be sure that electric car drivers will prefer yours over the competition. And when you provide an electric car driver with a good experience, you can count on their loyalty and repeated support. One of the easiest ways to elevate the experience is to address EV drivers' range concerns by offering them a charging station with a quick App payment option, as well as other cashless payment options. 


Charging supports the brand image  

Today, every business wants to be identified as a promoter of a green and sustainable future. Adding an EV charging station to your premises is one of the easiest ways to fulfill your social responsibility. When buyers identify your business as a promoter of green energy, they are more likely to buy from you regardless of whether they own an electric vehicle or not. At the same time, you can support your company by having the charging infrastructure under your brand, which will help customers identify with your products and services. 


By placing charging stations in the parking lots in front of your establishment, you can bring your customers the real shopping experience. In addition, thanks to the Smart System and the Energy Management function, it is possible to cover 100% of the parking spaces with charging stations, without worrying about overloading the reserved capacity or the circuit breaker value. Take advantage of parking spaces and offer a simple charging option under your own brand.