Apr 12, 2022


You are asking yourself, how much does it cost to charge an electric car and if this type of car is worth more? In these uncertain times, when mineral resources are no longer certain, this is a substantive question more than ever. Gradually, every euro will be counted. Even on the road. You can save hundreds of euros a year by driving in electric cars, and over time, because of the inflation, it will be more and more…


You can save thanks to electric cars, how?

  • less components and less maintenance-intensive,
  • you can get a state subsidy or tax reliefs,
  • you can use photovoltaic energy residues to charging of electric vehicles,
  • you can connect to the network, share it and then not only save on it, but also earn,
  • thanks to a strong control system, you do not necessarily need the new connections everywhere,
  • instead of oil, the price of which will keep rising, you can rely on electricity,
  • you can track the overview and all the necessary data online.

Introducing AgeVolt

However, you will not get all these benefits always, everywhere, unconditionally. With your own charger or charging just as needed in any place. At first, you should connect to a network of charging stations that works on the principle of sharing private chargers. A massive charging infrastructure is currently being developed in Slovakia on this principle. AgeVolt. Although it is only at the beginning of its journey, it has already received recognition from the European Commission. This system received the reward called Seal of Excellence award for Europe’s most promising innovative projects.

The AgeVolt system is already being counted on by developers who plan to gradually add a wide network of charging stations to their buildings. Gradually, you will come across it with your electric car at large shopping centers, hotels or restaurants.

Added benefits of the AgeVolt shared network

  • the shared system will enable to profit entrepreneurs and private individuals,
  • support your own business – promote offers for goods and services via the app,
  • no more additional monthly charges for the management of the charging station,
  • over time, you have the possibility to charge the electric car completely free of charge,
  • you will not have to deal with problems with the solution of the range, power outages, overshooting of capacity,
  • the AgeVolt can be connected to the accounting or attendance system and provides an overview of the energy consumption of the whole building,
  • you can get all the needed data and top-notch overview through an app with advanced smart features,
  • one control system manages up to 100 charging stations (the more chargers in the car parks, the lower the price),
  • flexible solution – set your performance prioritization for VIP vehicles, add a compressor or e-bike socket to your electric car chargers.

Do not hesitate to switch to an electric car

AgeVolt is a unique charging system for electric vehicles with the ambition to streamline, simplify and improve the transition of companies from internal combustion engines to electric motors. So snap into it as soon as possible, because the comparison of petrol, diesel and electricity prices shows an increasing disproportion in favour of electricity. In these uncertain times, electricity will also be a safe harbor for your car.

There are two basic solutions. Wallbox for private charging and Pillar ideal for public or private car parks near shopping centers, supermarkets, petrol stations.