Nov 22, 2022

Electromobility is a lifestyle: tips on how to set an example for others

You think about the planet, you are progressive and you also save money. All this is connected by electromobility. Secure your own e-car and wallbox and lead by example.

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Choose an energy-sustainable charging system

Starting in 2021, Slovakia will have the option of using an energy-sustainable charging system for electric cars. It is called AgeVolt and it does not require a new construction of the distribution electrical network. The charging of electric cars can be optimized based on the current consumption of the household or building. In addition, you will not expect any increase in monthly costs for the electrical connection.


Charge your electric car economically and safely

No more blackouts or overcapacity. Today, there is already an intelligent management system monitoring the current consumption of the building. He decides in real time on the charging performance of the electric car. In this way, operating costs can be reduced by up to 20 percent.


Upgrade private charging of electric cars

Do you own a home charger? Do not keep its use to yourself. Move it further behind the tax you set. In this way, you raise awareness and profit at the same time. Your loved ones or neighbors can use your wallbox and also save time and money. Well, you can reduce charging costs by up to 75 percent.


Get easy-to-use charging stations

Build on the AgeVolt charging system, which combines electric car charging with building energy management. Get safe and easy-to-use EV chargers for homes and apartments. You can count on minimal costs, optimal speed and intelligent software. Installation is possible directly on the wall, a version with a cable and a socket is available, and the charging station can be arranged according to your preferences.



Use photovoltaics

Its surpluses, respectively. You can even set a time limit. It is up to you how you set up the use of photovoltaics. You can regulate the charging of electric cars so that it is as ecological and economical as possible. It is enough to monitor the tariff for energy and total consumption within the household.


These are just a few things that are worth considering when "running in" to electromobility. Time has progressed and there are more and more advantageous options. It's a pity not to discover them and stay with the old one, which does not lead anywhere.