Dec 6, 2022

Familiarize yourself with the issue of electromobility - you might be interested in these terms 

We are aware that electromobility is a new topic and also brings terms that may not be familiar to everyone. That's why we took the liberty of preparing a small glossary of terms that will help you better orient yourself in the field of electromobility: 

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AC charging station - the so-called slower charging stations, they charge with a power of up to 22 kW and a speed of up to 100 km of range per hour. They are extremely practical for regular charging, ideal while parking for another purpose and for at least one hour, especially during the night in housing estates, while people are at work, at offices, or while tourists are exploring the beauty of your city. 

DC charging station - the so-called fast charging stations, they charge with power from 30 kW to 350 kW and are intended for short-term charging with a standing time of less than 1 hour. 

Wallbox type charging station – wall-mountable charging station, can serve 1 or 2 parking spaces.   

Pillar type charging station – free-standing charging station, serves 2 parking spaces. 

Charging HUB – several AC and DC charging stations in one parking lot, intended for charging electric cars. 


CPO (Charge point operator) – designation for the operator of charging stations, who ensures their maintenance and provides support to drivers of electric vehicles. The city can provide routine maintenance within its capabilities with our non-stop toll-free line and thus avoid administration fees. In case of interest, we can provide complex maintenance for the city under our direction. 

EMP (Electro mobility provider) – it is essentially a legal entity that invoices charging to the owner of an electric vehicle. AgeVolt offers a completely unique option on the market, namely that it can be directly a city that can provide charging to its tenants or city businesses, in connection with the parking policy, combine the payment for charging with the payment for parking, or at any time use AgeVolt as an EMP and thanks to our application, the city will receive only one payment per month on its account, and we will take care of everything else. The city or another charging provider earns from charging, or provides electric car charging only for the cost of electricity to its business or residents. It is precisely with AgeVolt that the city is not bound and uses the charging of electric cars in the way that suits it best. With the possibility to define prices and priorities separately for each charging point and even in different time daily programs (cheaper at night for residents, more expensive for tourists during the day). 


RFID contactless card – serves to identify and authenticate the user without using a mobile application. 

Authentication – verifying the user with a mobile application, parking ticket, contactless card, or directly with a certificate stored in the car. 

Roaming charging - thanks to e-roaming, electric car owners who already have their registration with another charging provider can charge at your charging stations without the need to register with you. So you don't have to worry about incompatibility, simply everyone will charge at your place. 


AgeVolt Care – our comprehensive services from design to 10-year warranty, helpdesk and fast on-site repair.  

AgeVolt Sustainability – our new, upcoming environmental services from the guarantee of recycling the device at the end of its life, the use of Slovakia's unique biodegradable plastic packaging, or the complete compensation of the resulting CO2 footprint through the planting of the necessary number of trees directly in Slovakia. With AgeVolt, the transition to electromobility is not only energetically and financially sustainable, but also environmentally sustainable. 


Upcoming subsidy for the purchase of charging infrastructure 

Currently prepared subsidies will enable municipalities, cities, as well as business entities to procure charging infrastructure. Since the subsidies are only suitable for charging stations that serve the public, thanks to the subsidies you have the opportunity to get them at absolutely no cost and only with AgeVolt to operate with maximum profit, thanks to the pricing that you determine yourself.  


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Integration with existing charging infrastructure 

We will also be happy to integrate any existing charging stations under one administration and provide a unique opportunity of our platform to cover all your e_mobility needs, not just the public ones.