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An innovative solution that is changing the future of electromobility

To accelerate e-mobility adoption, by making EV charging convenient and accessible whilst achieving optimal energy distribution.


An effective solution for car parking space owners


AgeVolt connects the chargers of EV chargers with the energy management of the building - it monitors the current consumption of the building and optimally decides on the charging performance.


There is no risk of blown circuit breakers or exceeding the reserved capacity; no new electrical connection is required.


Connect to the public network of chargers with clear statistics and user management, authorization available via RFID or an application and the possibility of prioritizing users.


No additional monthly payments for charging points management.


Connect to photovoltaics and charge only from the excess energy from solar panels.


Earning income on EV charging is not limited to large organisations. Even an average household can make its charger available to the public and earn extra income.


Range of possible integrations - with the building occupancy, customer traffic, car parking management or finance systems. Support of growth of your business – promote your products and services through the application, connecting benefits to customers with EV charging (e.g. free charging for weekend guests, an hour of free charging for billing over 50 € etc.).

Benefits for Electric Vehicle owners

  • In 2021, we are launching our own network of public charging stations on the AgeVolt Digital Platform.
  • EV users will get transparent data about their charging on the App, which will be gradually expanded with many other useful tools.
  • We are working on enabling a massive charging infrastructure in Slovakia, and in the world on the principle of sharing private chargers.
  • EV owners will finally stop worrying about the charging range, and thanks to the unique features of the AgeVolt system, they will gain a number of benefits in addition to EV charging.
  • We aim to enable active members of our network to charge their electric vehicles virtually at no cost.

Sustainable solution for the society

  • Our electric vehicle charging system is energy-sustainable, which does not require construction of the new electricity distribution network.
  • We are paving the way for a shared ecosystem that will enable individuals to earn income from charging.
  • We will thus achieve a relatively rapid expansion of the charging infrastructure and alleviate the society’s concerns about electromobility.
  • We want to participate in achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals.
  • We work on research, innovation and development of new technologies in the field of electromobility.
  • Our project has been awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Commission and we have won recognition at various international startup competitions.



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