Familiarize yourself with the issue of electromobility - you might be interested in these terms

We are aware that electromobility is a new topic and also brings terms that may not be familiar to everyone. That's why we took the liberty of preparing a small glossary of terms that will help you better orient yourself in the field of electromobility...

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How to properly charge an electric car? 

Concerns about range and charging speed are key for EV drivers as well as potential EV drivers. There are a range of different charging speeds, often depending on the capacity of your car's battery, where you're charging and the type of charger you're using. Whether it is slow or fast charging, take a look at what you should pay attention to when charging your electric car.

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Project name: AgeVolt - charging platform for electric cars

Operational program: Integrated infrastructure

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Shopping can be e_lectrifying experience for your visitors

The number of electric vehicles is expected to increase in the upcoming years. The need of sufficient charging infrastructure is thus higher. Building charging stations for electric cars in a unique way for merchants to attract customers.

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[ONLY IN SK] Aj obce a mestá môžu zarábať na nabíjaní

Vybudovať nabíjaciu infraštruktúru je v súčasnosti dôležité pre každú obec či mesto. Nielen preto, že vstupuje do platnosti legislatíva, ktorá to priam nariaďuje, ale aj preto, že modernizácia a zjednodušovanie života občanom a návštevníkom by malo byť v DNA každého starostu či primátora.

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Electromobility is a lifestyle: tips on how to set an example for others

You think about the planet, you are progressive and you also save money. All this is connected by electromobility. Secure your own e-car and wallbox and lead by...

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Is it worth to invest in an electric car?

Lately, you can feel a little bit of pressure for the electrification of vehicles. It is not only because of the ecological side. An electric car does not have to be a more financially demanding matter at...

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The problem of building charging stations in Slovakia: myths versus how it really is

Charging stations for electric cars and Slovakia. How do you see it? Do you think there is still a problem with their density, capacity, price? Let's look at the most common myths that still prevail. What is true about them?

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More charging stations and their sustainable production. Slovak start-up AgeVolt received an important investment

BRATISLAVA, 05/10/2022 Slovak start-up AgeVolt is preparing a program to certify the overall sustainability of its charging stations. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality...

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Charging station made of compostable materials

The company AgeVolt also pays attention to the ecological side of charging electric cars. Currently, it uses compostable material as packaging for the charger and uses recyclable components in the charging stations. However, it plans to produce compostable chargers in the near future.

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Five reasons why you should prefer an electric car to a classic combustion engine car

Did you know that passenger transport is responsible for up to 63% of emissions? While passenger cars and trucks together create emissions greater than the combination of ship, air, bus and rail transport. If you currently drive a traditional gasoline-powered car...

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In cooperation with the students of the faculty of architecture and design, we are looking for the best solution for charging electric cars as a part of public space

AgeVolt's aim is to bring to market a solution that removes common concerns about charging availability and range, but is also sustainable from a competitive environment and a stable energy grid. It also gives space to young students of design to realize their visions and participate in the innovative creation of e-mobility.

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